I have over 20 years experience shooting for most of the major International advertising agency groups. During that period I’ve worked in close conjunction with many film & TV production companies and have always been found to be very DOP friendly. Photographing not just ‘The Making Of’, ‘Behind the Scenes’ stills but also specific client requests, from their PR to their advertising requirements ~ be they web, brochure, press, POS or billboard.

The advent of digital photographic technology has made my life as a unit photographer somewhat easier and, most importantly for the filmcrew – far less disruptive. The days of ‘Doh! Hold on fellas, the bloody Beechams needs to come in and grab a few’ are a thing of the past. The chips in my new camera bodies are just awesome in both dynamic range and exposure latitude. Coupled with some very fast razor sharp primes, the irritation of strobes going off is a thing of the past, allowing you to continue filming with no interruptions. By utilizing the latest high-end digital backs and cameras, I’m able to capture all the action unobtrusively, with the minimum of fuss and the maximum quality and file size – for use right the way up to supersite billboard if required.

Whether it’s helping save a fisherman in the West Indies from a giant grouper for Diageo, or hanging out of a helicopter at 1200ft for McDonald’s, I can get you the results you need, without getting in your way.


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